® - "NHIC (National Health Information Center) Consumption Module" represents an important and very user-friendly tool for the analysis of data on the drug consumption in Slovak republic.

It allows:

  • Obtaining useful information about the consumptions of drugs, both reimbursed and non-reimbursed from the public health insurance including hospital and OTC drugs
  • Various reports generation according to type of drug dispensing or diagnoses through filters developed to the user needs
  • Downloading of the complete NHIC data by type of drug dispensing.® - "NHIC Consumption Module" data update:

  • Data according to type of drug dispensing (available from reports of health insurance companies, public and hospital pharmacies) on the number of packages, sum of reimbursements and patient co-pay are updated quarterly based on reports released by NHIC.
  • Data according to diagnosis (ICD-10/MKCH-10-SK classification of diseases), gender of the insured person and ATC groups, drug SIDC (State Institute of Drug Control) code respectively, are updated annually based on reports released by NHIC once a year.® - "NHIC Consumption Module" key advantages:

  • Very fast, easy and convenient Excel report´s generation
  • Access is not limited to the number of users within a company
  • The report is ready for further analysis
  • Reports are saved automatically with quick option for further editing or updating based on new data generation
  • One application consists of long-term history of consumption data: according to type of drug dispensing since 2016 and according to respective diagnosis since 2017
  • Unification of drug names and ATC codes following each data update
  • Monthly update of the drug names and manufacturers according to SIDC
  • Possibility to generate report in English language
  • Additional useful information available: current maximal manufacturer price and reimbursement according to the List of reimbursement medicines (current retail price, reimbursement and patient co-pay)
  • Complete ICD-10 (MKCH-10-SK) and ATC classification allows filtering by different levels
  • Possibility to generate data on drug consumption by entering a reference group or reimbursement cluster
  • Easy login via web interface
  • Very friendly price

Examples of generated reports: