Summary tool

for monitoring changes of drug reimbursements ... was developed to easily monitor and quickly reflect on the needs in terms of continual changes regarding pricing and reimbursement of drugs released on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Slovak Republic. - an easy and schematic tool to monitor reimbursement of drugs on the official MoH website and to evaluate reimbursement changes with the prediction of subsequent drug reimbursements. KEY BENEFITS:

  • It is based on the real needs of people being experienced in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Time saving when analyzing submission dossiers on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Health without the need to open attachments manually
  • The system allows you to respond promptly to competitive submissions
  • Notifications reflecting on all MoH electronic portal changes are send to you via eTool automatically. It evaluates price submissions with the calculation of the lowest price
  • Notifications sent via email keep you automatically updated about those changes you are interested in
  • Possibility to download complete reimbursement list or to create your own ATC filter without limiting the number of ATC codes
  • Drug submissions are automatically assigned to the respective reference group within Reimbursement list
  • Unlimited number of notification settings by user
  • Free technical support